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We'll Meet Again


Set in London in September 1939 when war has been declared, this touching performance sees the children being evacuated to the countryside. There they learn about home life and rationing. Returning to London they experience the Blitz but spirits are kept lively with a sing-song and entertainment from the ARP wardens.

Part workshop part show, this fun interactive experience is perfect for Key Stage 2 learning. The children will perform alongside our actors whilst being immersed in the  way of life during World War II. Packed full of facts and realistic characters, this will embed their learning and be a day to remember.

We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.


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  • Suitable for KS2

  • All children will get a part in the show

  • Music and songs

  • Smoke machine

  • Lots of facts

  • Colourful characters

  • Running time 60-70 mins

  • Up to 90 children in 1 show


What the children say...

History Vector_edited.jpg

"It was very believable. I can't believe there were only 3 actors"

"It was very funny. Especially Mr Coppers puns"

"The only thing that wasn't rationed here today was fun!"

" I felt like I was an evacuee on the train. I liked acting in the shop and doing the Lambeth Walk"

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