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 Our Victorians show invites the children to play the part of a poor working child in the 1800s. Immersed in the era, they'll learn about toshing, pure-finding and begging as well as the terrible working conditions of the factories, mines and the chimneys.

Part workshop part show, this fun interactive experience is perfect for Key Stage 2 learning. The children will perform alongside our actors whilst being immersed in the harsh Victorian way of life . Packed full of facts and Dickensian characters, this will embed their learning and be a day to remember.


We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.


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  • Suitable for KS2

  • All children will get a part in the show

  • Lots of facts

  • Colourful (strict) characters

  • Running time 60 mins

  • Up to 90 children in 1 show


What the children say...

History Vector_edited.jpg

"I I would not want to live in Victorian times. The acting was brilliant"

"I loved acting in it, I got to be a tosher which was really funny"

"I was amazed that we all had something to do. I liked it when my friend was in the school bit with the cane"

" I was a bit nervous at the start as they were strict but they were actually very nice. The acting was very good"

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