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About Us

Rainbow Theatre London has been visiting schools across London and Southern England for 7 years. That's hundreds of schools and thousands of children and many cups of tea!


We are a small but mighty team of enthusiastic actors, with Rae at the helm, directing and coordinating the team and ensuring your school gets booked in. 


We are very proud of the impact we've had on children's learning over the years, and love that we get to return to the same schools every term. Our proudest moments are when we can help the quieter children come out of their shell, and encourage the ones who usually struggle in the classroom environment to play a special part in the show. It's a magical moment when we return to a school years after a KS1 show and a Year 6 child remembers us and can recall all the details about the show.


We've witnessed how interactive learning through play and imagination can deepen and embed key facts and help develop enthusiasm and confidence at school.  Our mission is to make learning a fun and inclusive experience, so if you'd like to immerse in the magic of Rainbow Theatre London, then drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we'll be in touch.

What our actors say...

"My favourite thing about working for Rainbow is the looks on the children's faces in every school we go to.  They are always so happy to have us visit them, and a lot of the time they remember us from our previous visit.  Making that kind of impression on our audience is really heartwarming."


"I love working for Rainbow. Being able to play all sorts of different characters and working with the children as part of the show means every day is different. It's so wonderful watching the children get excited about history"


"I absolutely love working for Rainbow! Bringing history to life for children and seeing them shine in their roles is so rewarding. Working as part of a small dedicated team is also so lovely, there is a great sense of camaraderie and friendship within the van"


" It's so rewarding working for Rainbow. I love seeing the quieter children find their confidence in the space of an hour, and work with an incredible team!"


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