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A Child in Roman Britain

This show highlights how the Romans have influenced our lives today. The baths, hypocaust, gladiators and road building are amongst the many subjects covered in this story. The children take part in a battle between the unhappy Picts and the Roman army at Hadrians Wall.

Part workshop part show, this fun interactive experience is perfect for Key Stage 2 learning. The children will perform alongside our actors whilst being immersed in Roman Britain. Packed full of facts and colourful characters, this will embed their learning and be a day to remember.


We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.

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  • Suitable for KS2

  • All children will get a part in the show

  • Great costumes & props

  • Lots of facts

  • Colourful characters

  • Running time 60 mins

  • Up to 90 children in 1 show

Romans 1.jpg

What the children say...

History Vector_edited.png

"I thought it was going to be boring as it's history but it was really fun!"

"It was fun and exciting and very interesting. I loved acting in it"

"I liked the Celts attacking and the Gladiators fighting with swords. I enjoyed the acting part"

" Awesome! I liked the modern humour. 1000/1000!"

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