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Jolly Roger & the Pirates


This swash-buckling, fun packed show tells the story of Jolly Roger and the pirates battling Gruesome Gertie to win the treasure. On the way meeting mermaids, sea monsters and Shirley the Shark. There'll be lashings of songs and audience participation

This fun interactive experience is perfect for EYFS & KS1 learning.

The children sit in a square whilst the actors perform in the middle, so everyone feels a part of the action.

A selection of children will perform alongside our actors whilst the rest of the audience will join in with songs and audience participation.

Packed full of songs and colourful characters, this will embed their learning and be a day to remember.


We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.

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  • Suitable for EYFS & KS1

  • A selection of children will get a part in the show

  • Music and songs

  • Lots of audience participation

  • Colourful costumes and props

  • Fun characters

  • Running time 60 mins

  • Up to 250 children in 1 show


What the children say...

History Vector_edited.jpg

"This was the best day ever, I want them to come again"

"I liked the songs and dancing on the ship. It wasn't scary!"

"I loved all of it. It was very funny and I liked the pirate dancing"

" I loved helping out and being a pirate in the show. Harry was the shark and it was funny when he chased the pirate"

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