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Two shipwrecked Vikings persuade the children to act out their saga, so they can understand their way of life. Finally, after experiencing many exciting aspects of Viking life including shipbuilding, a Viking myth, voyages, Viking law and burial,  the children must choose whether to stay on their quiet island or 'go a Viking'

Part workshop part show, this fun interactive experience is perfect for Key Stage 2 learning. The children will perform alongside our actors whilst being immersed in the Viking way of life. Packed full of facts and colourful characters, this will embed their learning and be a day to remember.

We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.


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  • Suitable for KS2

  • All children will get a part in the show

  • Lots of facts

  • Colourful characters & props

  • Running time 60 mins

  • Up to 90 children in 1 show


What the children say...

History Vector_edited.jpg

"It was so so so so funny!"

"I liked the ship building bit and when the Vikings came out at the start. It was exciting"

"I loved playing a Viking, it was funny. I liked the props"

" I learnt so many new things and I liked the Thor myth."

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