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Our magical pantomime Cinderella is filled with drama, sing-along songs and lots of laughs, colourful characters and costumes.

This fun, interactive experience is a perfect Christmas treat for the whole school, including the teachers!

The children sit in a square whilst the actors perform in the middle so everyone feels a part of the action.

A selection of children will perform alongside our actors whilst the rest of the audience will join in with songs and audience participation.

We create an inclusive environment so that all children can thrive and engage.

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  • Suitable for the whole school including EYFS

  • A selection of children will get a part in the show

  • Music and songs

  • Lots of audience participation

  • Colourful costumes and props

  • Fun characters

  • Running time 60 mins

  • Up to 250 children in 1 show

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What the children say...

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"Hilarious! 10/10"

"I liked how we got a part and not just watched the actors. I thought it was amazing"

"I loved the songs that I knew and the tik tok dance was epic"

" I thought it would be scary but it was really really funny. I liked it when the woman kept falling over"

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