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Rainbow Theatre have been inspiring children for over 25 years. We are one of the most respected and established theatre in education companies in London and the South East.

We are passionate about empowering and inspiring your children through creative learning

Our shows are fun and packed with facts and information that enriches and supports the primary school curriculum.

Your children will be part of an immersive learning experience as they perform alongside our actors, helping them to develop communication skills, social interaction and build confidence whilst inspiring creativity.

History Shows

"It was awesome! We         loved the way that all        the children had a part.   Fantastic learning"           

St Polycarps Primary                           

Charles II Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London

              A Child in Ancient Greece


Victorian Children

Screenshot_2018-07-31 Rainbow Theatre Lo

A Child in Roman Britain


Moses & the Egyptians


We'll Meet Again (WW2)




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Alternatively speak to Helen on 07506 271906.


  • Great Fire of London

  • A Child in Ancient Greece

  • Victorian Children

  • A Child in Roman Britain

  • We'll Meet Again (WW2)

  • Vikings


    From £385 + VAT per show 

  • Moses & the Egyptian

  • Fairy Tales

  • Jolly Roger & His Pirates

  • The Easter Story (Spring Term Only)

  • Dick Whittington (Autumn Term Only)


    From £385 + VAT per show for




    10% DISCOUNT when booking 2

    shows in a morning or 3 shows over a

    single day.

   Please contact us to discuss costings.

   We believe that no school should miss

   out due to funding.



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