Our Team

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        Rae Cooksey

    Company Director

Rainbow has given me so many lovely memories.

One of my favourite was when Samuel Pepys asked a group of Year 2 children who the King of England was in 1666..

"Elvis!", shouted a child.


   Helen Wilkerson

Company Director

One of the most rewarding things about the way we work at Rainbow, is watching children grow so much in the mere hour. Time and time again teachers will tell me after the show that they, "cant believe that child did that" or "the child you picked for that part is normally the quietest in class!".  How lovely that I can make such a difference!


            Lyon Devereux


My favourite thing about working for Rainbow is the looks on the children's faces in every school we go to.  They are always so happy to have us visit them, and a lot of the time they remember us from our previous visit.  Making that kind of impression on our audience is really heartwarming.


Kappa Llewellyn


We are delighted to have Kappa join the 2019-2020 team!


    Ryan O'Grady



    Jane Sparks

Costume Designer

One of my favourite moments working with Rainbow is when one of the children in my pirate crew was supposed to say they could smell chocolate, but decided at performance time that they could definitely smell peanuts instead - they're very good at keeping us on our toes!

In 2017 Jane offered to mend some costumes and impressed us so much with her skills and talent that we asked her to be our costumier. Jane has since made many fantastic costumes for Rainbow. We look forward to her panto additions!

Audition For Us

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic actors.

If you would like to audition then please send your CV and photo to